stop losing followers on Instagram

How to stop losing followers on Instagram in 2023

To help you build your Instagram follower base, I’ve compiled 5 strategies for answering the question, “How to stop losing followers on Instagram?” Do you feel lost if you’ve lost Instagram followers and need to know why or how to get them back? We know you’re putting all your social media marketing efforts into your Instagram account and working hard to get more people to see it. This doesn’t make it any easier to see as your Instagram following decreases rather than increases. Instagram can be a bit of a mystery sometimes. Relax and take a few deep breaths!

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

According to research conducted by TopFapk, there are several reasons why users lose followers on Instagram. The following is a list of some of the more important ones, along with the solutions to them:

stop losing followers on Instagram
stop losing followers on Instagram

Irrelevant Content

Making the most interesting content prominently featured on the platform will take a lot of work. Your readers or viewers today want honest, high-quality material that enhances their lives. If your Instagram posts are of low quality, you will lose followers. The only way to right this ship is to shift gears and try out new content formats (to re-engage the audience) that seem more aligned with your values. For your profile to get a steady stream of visitors, you must time your posts well and give your audience interesting and relevant information to stop losing followers on Instagram. Your post is highly recommended because you are consolidating what and when it is highly recommended.

Tips to fix it

  • Pay more attention to the quality of the content rather than the quantity.
  • Determine how many people view your material weekly (or monthly).
  • Analyze what information is currently coming to light and what information is not.
  • Experiment with different material (e.g., Use IG reels, stories, grids, infographics etc.).
  • You have no choice but to go live and keep your users up to date on your products or brands.
  • Create engagement with your audience by liking and commenting on posts you create or posts made by other users and interacting with them.

Boring Caption

You want people to be interested in your words, but there must be more interesting subtitles. With that interaction, you can attract new followers, hold on to your current ones, and stop losing followers on Instagram. The lack of creativity in your Instagram captions causes a decline in your following.

Tips to fix it

  • Utilize Captions as a gathering spot for your online community
  • Create a compelling first impression with the initial 125 characters
  • Incorporate intriguing questions in captions to pique interest
  • Utilize emojis in captions that align with your brand
  • Use language that resonates with your target audience
  • Include keywords in captions to improve searchability
  • Vary caption length for a dynamic approach.

Use Of Hashtags

The improper or lack of use of hashtags in your Instagram captions can be a major factor in losing followers. Hashtags are a powerful tool to increase engagement. Therefore, not using them or using the wrong ones can negatively impact your follower count.

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stop losing followers on Instagram

Being Too Promotional

To stop losing followers on Instagram. To be successful on Instagram and other social media platforms, it’s important to prioritize building connections rather than constantly promoting. While it’s okay to occasionally share promotions, offers, and brand collaborations, oversharing and being too heavily focused on promotion can lead to losing followers.

Tips to fix it

  • Maintain a balance of organic and promotional content on your Instagram profile
  • Prioritize creating natural and genuine collaborations
  • Revamp your sales graphics
  • Incorporate user-generated content (UGC) to increase engagement and attract more followers and likes.

Bots Or Fake Accounts

Instagram does not tolerate the use of bots or fake accounts. According to the platform’s privacy policy, such accounts are frequently removed. That may be the cause of the recent decline in numbers. A lot of people probably don’t know they have ghost followers. If this is the primary reason for losing followers, it’s important to take action and avoid using bots and ghost followers to stop losing followers on Instagram.

Tips to fix it

  • Adhere to a well-planned Instagram strategy
  • Organically increase engagement, avoiding the use of bots or fake followers.
  • Stay informed about new Instagram tips and techniques to attract your audience.
  • Use a reputable app like “Top Follow” to gain real, organic followers and likes.


A drop in Instagram followers could be due to a few different factors. Some of the key causes include lack of engagement, inconsistent posting schedule, oversharing promotions, and the use of bots or fake followers. To stop losing followers on Instagram, it’s important to balance organic and promotional content, prioritize building connections, and consistently engage with your audience. Additionally, stay informed about new Instagram tips and techniques, and don’t use any third-party apps to gain followers as it may violate the terms of the service of Instagram and may lead to account suspension or termination.

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